Jane Eyre: A retelling by Tanya Landman

Jane Eyre is orphaned as a child and sent to be educated in the harsh conditions of a boarding school. But, when Jane is employed as a Governess at Thornhill Hall she hears strange noises coming from the attic and witnesses strange goings-on throughout the grand house. Whilst looking after and educating Adele she meets... Continue Reading →

White Eagles by Elizabeth Wein

This wonderful historical fiction novel explores the incredible history of the Polish Air Force during WWII told from the perspective of a Polish girl - Kristina. Kristina and her twin brother Leopold Tomiak are plane enthusiasts and would like nothing more than to represent their country. So, when Kristina is called to join the White... Continue Reading →

That Asian Kid by Savita Kalhan

Fifteen-year-old Jeevan is the main protagonist of the wonderful novel That Asian Kid by Savita Kalhan. He has a supporting family and very supportive friends who know something is a miss with his English Literature teacher Mrs Greaves. Jeevan is very clever but seems to not be doing well in his English Lit classes. He... Continue Reading →

One by Sarah Crossan

Grace and Tippi are not just twins but conjoined twins and decide to face the challenge of starting school after their mother can no longer home school them. Both Grace and Tippi are worried about what may they face at school, nearly everyone stares when they are seen outside of the home, and people can... Continue Reading →

The Impossible Boy by Ben Brooks

Firstly thank you to Quercus Children’s Books/Hachette Children’s Books for sending me a proof of this fabulous book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it took me back so when I was a child and had imaginary friends.... When Oleg and Emma miss their only friend they decide to create an imaginary friend who they call... Continue Reading →

Kids Fight Plastic by Martin Dorey

Martin Dorey is a writer and anti-plastic campaigner and has written this book to show children and young people how they can help the environment by not using plastic at home, at school and during days out etc. There are 50 two minute missions included in the book which teaches children how they can help... Continue Reading →

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