Book review: Farewell Tour of A Terminal Optimist by John Young

This book is truthfully and beautifully written about a 15 year old boy suffering with cancer and how he wants answers to so many questions, including how and why his dad is in prison. So he goes on an adventure with his friend (and enemy) Skeates to find his dad in prison and they get up to all sorts of things, good and bad, and he has the time of his life. Will he get what he desires in time? Will all his questions be answered? How will he cope without his medication? Only one way to find out is to read this great book!

Blurb: I don’t want to be remembered as the cancer kid. I want to be remembered for something else – anything else. That’s the reason for this crazy road trip. I’d be having the time of my life if.

1. I had any money.

2. Emma was with me (not head-case Skeates)

3. I hadn’t forgotten the meds that keep me alive

But don’t worry. I’ll find out the truth about my dad before I snuff it. I have to. Just call me terminally optimistic.

I rate this book 9/10

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