Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll @emmac2603

Waterstones August ‘Book of the Month’ Secrets of a Sun King did not disappoint. Emma has a real talent for writing wonderful and beautiful historical fiction and adventure stories.

Set in London and Egypt in 1922, the war has recently ended and the repercussions are still affecting some families, especially Lilian (Lil) Kaye’s family. Her Grandad becomes seriously ill which she thinks is related to a curse from a parcel she finds on her Grandads doorstep. A famous Egyptologist, Professor Hanawati, posted the package but was found dead that very morning. Coincidence?

The package holds a very ancient story about a king whose tomb archaeologists are desperately hunting for Egypt. Lil’s Grandad asks her to return the package to Egypt as soon as possible as he and Professor Hanawati should never have taken it in the first place….. how on earth will Lil manage to fulfil this mission?

Lil loves visits the British Library and she meets the wonderful Tulip and her brother Oz who also have an interest in Egyptian history. But, disaster strikes when the package which is in Lil’s school satchel (the same as Tulips) is accidentally taken by Tulip!

Luckily, Lil tracks down Tulip and they all become very close friends when Lil tells them why she has the parcel in her satchel. With thanks to Tulips mother, who is a reporter, they embark on the biggest adventure to Egypt to return the package to where it belongs.

Can the three children end all the curses and save Lil’s Grandad? And, are they closer than they ever knew that they could be?

This novel is perfect for captivating the imagination, and destined to be a modern classic.

I rate this book 4.5/5


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