New Staff Inductions

Most schools have new staff starting at the beginning of the new academic year!

Will they know about the library and what is on offer to them? Probably not and it is up to you to tell them about it!

I have always tried to introduce myself to new staff and provide staff inductions but this can’t always be done on the first day back, and then days pass by as I am so busy, and then sometimes it doesn’t happen through no ones fault!

So, this year I wanted to put this right. With thanks to Lucas Maxwell (School Librarian of the Year) I adapted his idea of placing postcards in the pigeon holes of new staff which will introduce the library to them. It’s simple but has all the information that they need first off, my contact details and what the library has to offer to them.

I still want to see these staff members and introduce myself personally but at least they will find these on their first day and will see what the school library has to offer to them.

Making that connection straight away is key. We want our teachers to use our libraries!

I created this postcard using Canva which is a fabulous design tool and I am really looking forward to staff receiving these at the beginning of September and the new relationships starting!

This can be adapted year upon year and be improved where needed but I really want to get in there straight away and show them that I AM THERE!


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