Open Evening

Open Evening 2018 was once again a great success in the library this year. So much so, one prospective parent told me that it was the school library which had swung his decision! As you can imagine this made me very proud.

The library looked fabulous and it is always nice to display the wonderful things that we have done over the last 12 months and it isn’t until you’re displaying it that you remember you have done so much – how do we find the time to do everything?

My Student Librarians were on-hand and ran an activity.

The children if they wanted had to take part answer three questions they were:

1. Name the sixth book in the Harry Potter series.

2. Name one school which book club have collaborated with around the world by sending recommendation postcards. (These were on display on a noticeboard).

3. How many Student Library Assistants help out in the library? (Pictures were on a display on a noticeboard).

Depending how many they got right depended on how many straws they could pull from the board. Depending on the colour at the end of the straw depended on the prize!

Red = sweets

Blue = £5 National Book Token

Green = a free book

Yellow = £10 Waterstones Boucher

It was a great way to get the children looking around the library whilst trying to find their answers!

Student Librarians also handed out library bookmarks as well asking the children to write down their favourite book – this was to help me to ensure we had correct books within the library. We had some great answers.

I do like Open Evenings. Showing everyone everything that you do can be so rewarding! I run so many clubs and activities within the year it’s nice to see everything displayed for all to see.


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