The Girl with her Head in the Clouds by Karen McCombie

Book Blurb: 

1904 – Alexandra Palace, London 

When sixteen-year-old Dolly Shepherd is offered the chance to take to the sky in a hot-air balloon, there’s no way she’s going to turn it down. Even though the pilot actually plans for her to jump out of the balloon and plummet back to earth using just a flimsy parachute.  

For Dolly, it’s the start of a sensational career. But the life of an aeronaut is as dangerous as it is daring, and there will be many narrow escapes along the way… 


I had no idea about Dolly Shepherd before reading this book, but what an amazing piece of history to write about. Dolly was an inspiring lady and this re-imagining of her fabulous, daring career is so inspirational, educational, historical and thrilling. I was in awe of everything Dolly achieved for women back in 1904 – we should be so thankful for all, women in history who show that woman can be equal and complete daring responsibilities as men.  

This book is so well written and the story of Dolly’s relationship with her family really comes throughout the story. Yes, she was daring, but she was also caring and just wanted the thrill and happiness which came from something she loved the most – being an aeronaut.  

Barrington Stoke books help emergent, reluctant and dyslexic readers unlock the love of reading. There books are published in such a special way to ensure an accessible read for all. 

Publisher: Barrington Stoke 

Publication Date: 4th March 2021 

Paperback: 97 pages

ISBN: 978-1781129456 

Suitability: Age 8+

RRP: £6.99

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