Sadie and the Sea Dogs by Maureen Duffy and Anita Joice

Book Blurb:

Dreamer,’ Mum called her. ‘Always miles away.’

Sadie lives by the Thames at Greenwich and longs for sea adventure. She whiles away hours at The Maritime Museum or gazing at The Cutty Sark and fills her head with dreams of ocean voyages on ancient sailing ships.

‘And there inside she’d found a different world where rigging sang and white winged sails unfurled.’

One day she falls asleep beneath a cabinet in the museum and wakes to find herself embarking on an adventure about which she could only have dreamed…


This book had me smiling throughout as it is such a beautiful book full of lyrical verse courtesy of Maureen Duffy and the most outstanding illustrations courtesy of Anita Joice. Sadie and the Sea Dogs is a magical mythical story. Sadie visits The Maritime Museum and embarks on a dreamlike voyage where she meets mythical characters including mermaids and pirates. She is so happy she doesn’t want to return home or for her dreams to end and I can’t blame her.

Sadie and the Sea Dogs is just gorgeous and to make it even better there is a fabulous glossary at the back of the book explaining about the mythological characters and nautical terms. Any young readers (and adults reading it aloud) will thoroughly enjoy this book and will want to embark on Sadie’s adventure with her – I know I did!

This book may cost £14.99 but it is worth every penny. A wonderful present for any young reader.

A huge thank you to the publishers Hikari Press for sending me an advanced copy of Sadie and the Sea Dogs to read and review on my blog.

You can buy this fabulous book from all booksellers, online and of course using any independent local bookshop.

Publisher: Hikari Press

Publication Date: 4th May 2021

Hardback:  48 pages

ISBN: 978-0995647893

Suitability: Age 4+

RRP: £14.99

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