Wishes Come in Threes by Andy Jones

Permission to use above image given by the author.

Book Description:

“Everyone has wishes… it’s magic that’s in short supply.”

Phyll is having a difficult summer. Her family has moved to the seaside, but things are far from perfect. Her mum is sick, she’s made an enemy at summer camp and there’s a dog-thief on the loose.

Then Phyll meets Mr Djinn – an old man who insists he’s a genie. Phyll has her doubts, until her wishes start to come true.


At the start of summer, Phyll longs for three things: less knobbly knees; a dog of her own; the cloud of depression that lingers over her mum to blow away in the Cornish Sea breeze now that they’ve moved.

But wishing is easy. It’s magic that’s in short supply, or so Phyll thinks until she meets the mysterious Mr Djinn at the old folk’s home. Mr Djinn is a firm believer in the power of wishing for the right things. He would be, since he claims to be a genie.

Genie or not, Phyll is just pleased to have someone other than her journal with whom to share her thoughts and feelings. And she has a lot of those, what with Hilda the bully at summer camp, a stranger on the beach who seems very interested in other people’s dogs and waiting, hoping, for her mum’s sadness to lift.

But as Phyll is about to learn, wishing hard enough, wishing well enough can bring its own magic…

This was a book that I instantly fell in love with. Covering mental health and depression amongst parents and exploring themes of hope, fear and anxieties, this is a book that isn’t just going to support young people but educate as well. Wishes Come in Threes is written with sensitivity and compassion throughout. Plus everyone needs a bit of magic in their lives to make the world a better place sometimes and this story is so heart-warming it filled me with that magic feeling.

Wishes Come in Threes is a fantastic debut novel and I really hope Andy Jones is going to continue writing as I am really looking forward to what stories he creates next…

A beautiful story which will be perfect for any school library and I think young people are going to love this middle-grade story as it will fill them with joy.

A huge thank you to publishers, Walker Books, for sending me a full copy of Wishes Come in Threes to read and review on my blog.

You can buy/pre-order this fabulous book from all booksellers, online and of course using any independent local bookshop.

About the Author:

Andy Jones is the author of five novels for adults, and two picture books for young readers and co-creator of how-to-guide Unleash Your Creative Monster. Andy lives in London with his wife and two little girls. Chances are he’s writing something. You can find out more at https://andyjonesauthor.com/

Publishing Information:

Publisher: Walker Books

Publication Date: 7th July 2022

Paperback: 269 pages

ISBN: 978-1529500882

Suitability: Age 9+

RRP: £7.99


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