Open Evening

Open Evening 2018 was once again a great success in the library this year. So much so, one prospective parent told me that it was the school library which had swung his decision! As you can imagine this made me very proud. The library looked fabulous and it is always nice to display the wonderful... Continue Reading →


School Librarian of the Year 2018

Well winning School Librarian of the Year was rather unexpected and it still hasn't sunk in the scale of what I have just achieved. I have been a School Librarian since January 2014 and what a journey it has been. I have turned the library into what I envisioned on the day of my interview... Continue Reading →

New Staff Inductions

Most schools have new staff starting at the beginning of the new academic year! Will they know about the library and what is on offer to them? Probably not and it is up to you to tell them about it! I have always tried to introduce myself to new staff and provide staff inductions but... Continue Reading →

Cell 7 by Kerry Drewery

Wow! This book made the shortlist for the Lancashire Book of the Year Awards 2018but I have only got round to reading it as the students from my book club had it... how dare they, but, they told me I had to read it over the summer break. I have not been disappointed and read... Continue Reading →

Niche – Creative Writing Stories

In Creative Writing Club this year our big project was for students (years 7-9) to write 'short stories'. I placed different genres in one jar and random titles in another. Students had to chose one piece of paper from each jar and write a story from their selection. Some students took to this straight away... Continue Reading →

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